Monday, February 19, 2018


Hong Kong bans ivory trade in ‘historic’ vote

Hong Kong’s lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly to ban the trade in ivory, in a move campaigners described as “a lifeline for elephants”. A similar ban was brought in across mainland China earlier this year. Ivory sales will be phased out gradually in Hong Kong, stopping completely in 2021. Prior to the vote, demonstrators gathered outside […]

Genetic secret of English salmon

The salmon from the chalk streams of southern England appear to be genetically distinct from others. Evidence published in the Journal of Fish Biology suggests they may be a separate sub-species of Atlantic salmon. Scientists argue that the fish may need greater protection, because they would be impossible to replace with salmon from elsewhere in […]

Sound waves ‘can help’ early tsunami detection

People in high-risk tsunami areas could soon be helped by an early-warning alarm system using sound waves that is being developed by scientists. Mathematicians think they have devised a way of calculating the size and force of a tsunami in advance of it hitting land, which can help early detection. Experts say naturally occurring high-speed […]