Wednesday, March 21, 2018


When a filmmaker discovered a mountain lion in his backyard, he made a documentary

The first time that Montana-based wildlife filmmaker Casey Anderson locked eyes with the mountain lion living in his backyard, he was close enough to hear her crunching on a dead deer’s bones. Then, he noticed that she must have recently given birth. That was when Anderson knew he had to make a film about the […]

NASA could look to Star Wars for building better space-bound robots for repairs

  Beyond the general “space” conceit, NASA and Star Wars don’t have a ton of similarities. One is a very real government organization concerned with the complex realities of space exploration; the other is a science-fiction franchise about space wizards and with a very, very tenuous grasp of how physics work. But there are some […]

Tech companies are targeting heart disease — here’s how

From apps that diagnose irregular heart rhythms to phone cases that claim to measure blood pressure, there has been a wave of technology promising to use our everyday devices — smartphones and wearables — to fight heart disease. But why heart health, and how much can these gadgets really do? Heart disease is the most […]