Olive Garden now serves a bowl full of cheese and meatballs


Olive Garden has added the new Meatball Pizza Bowl to its lunch menu, and it doesn't skimp on the meat and cheese.

For those who wished lunchtime restaurant options came with more cheese and meat, Olive Garden is here.

The Italian food chain has released an incredibly rich and dense Meatball Pizza Bowl that is, as its name suggests, a bowl made out of crispy crust and filled with Italian cheeses, hearty meat sauce and 10 meatballs.

Olive garden bowl

The savory entree clocks in at one pound of Italian cheese, heart meat sauce and up to seven inches of crispy crust.  (Olive Garden)

SFGate reported that the meaty dish clocks in at one pound with a freshly-baked crust that can span six or seven inches across “depending on how much the pizza dough spreads,” according to a spokesperson for Olive Garden.

The cheese-heavy dish has already made it onto Olive Gardens menu, but only as part of the Lunch Duos. So, if you’re planning on indulging, maybe consider scheduling an afternoon nap to go with it.

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